How Water Filters Work – The Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Written by Plumbers of Perth

on 18 November 2021

Filtered water offers many health benefits to individuals, but most people don’t know where to get started when it comes to installing a water filter in their homes. Keep reading as I share with you the top water filter options on the market and how drinking filtered water can benefit your body in the future.

Installing a Water Filter

Water filters work by blocking and trapping debris or bacteria, which otherwise passes into the water you consume and use. While you might think that installing a water filter would only impact your drinking water, we recommend considering a whole house water filter. There are various types of water filters on the market today, but regardless of which filter you go for, you need to work with a licensed plumber. I’ll take care of all of the hard work so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of filtered water.

We’ll choose a location near your main water supply, which should also be somewhere you can easily replace the filter in your system. Once the filter is installed, it will filter any incoming water that enters your house. A new shutoff valve and the water filter are installed, which I’ll do by cutting the pipe and securely fitting the filter. I’ll ensure that no leaks or issues occur during the process and test your new water filter before leaving you to enjoy the benefits of filtered water. As you can see, this is a job that you shouldn’t attempt alone; otherwise, you may find you end up causing damage to your water supply.

What are the Different Types of Water Filters?

When it comes to the types of water filters on the market, you have a few different options to go for. Ion exchange filters work to soften the water supply, but you’ll also find there are reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, UV whole house, and high-efficiency water filters. You’ll also need to find a filter system to fit your personal needs, but we recommend an entire house system over a countertop or under sink one. As well as giving your family clean drinking water, you’ll also find you experience other health benefits when the water you use in the bathroom is filtered.

The Benefits of Filtered Water

Filtered water is a healthier option for the whole family. It protects your immune system and minimises the amount of chlorine you consume or put on your body. A good water filter will remove hundreds of toxins, which could contaminate your body. Parents need to consider the water their kids are drinking and using, as it can reduce the chance of illness in the future.

If you are partial to bottled water, you’ll find that installing a water filter is a cheaper and more eco-friendly solution than purchasing plastic or glass bottles. You’ll still enjoy the delicious taste of high-quality water, keeping you hydrated throughout the day. It’s also a very convenient solution for anyone who drinks a lot of water. You’ll always have an excellent source of water on hand, which you can drink at any time instead of reaching for an unhealthier alternative. As far as the water you use in the bathroom, you’ll also notice that your skin and hair improve when you start using filtered water.

How Often Should You Change a Water Filter?

After installing your water filter, it’s important to keep on top of changing the filter. If you don’t perform this task regularly, you’ll find that you don’t experience all of the benefits of filtered water that we shared above. For best results, change your whole house water filter every three to six months. This is why I recommend placing your water filter in a convenient location you can easily access. While I’ll be more than happy to help with this task as well, most homeowners find changing the filter to be a quick and easy part of keeping their water in top condition.

There are many great benefits to installing a whole house water filter in your home. You’ll enjoy the benefits to your body and skin of using filtered water. To find out more about installing a water filter in your home, contact me today. I’ll discuss any questions you have and recommend the best water filter option for your home.