What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Written by Plumbers of Perth

on 25 May 2022

While many of us hope to resolve issues in our homes or workplaces by ourselves, sometimes there’s not a DIY solution to a clogged toilet or a blocked drain. A sewer camera inspection is a tool that anyone who has ongoing plumbing issues should consider. It will help you to get to the bottom of your concerns about your plumbing and find the solution that’s needed to stop these issues from coming back again in the future. Keep reading to discover what a sewer camera inspection is and when would be the best time to invest in this service.

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A sewer camera inspection is a service that’s offered to help get to the root of the plumbing issues you are experiencing. It’s a non-invasive way to help investigate the source of the problem and uses advanced technology to see what’s going on inside your plumbing system. A sewer camera inspection can be used to review big and small plumbing issues without having to take apart your whole plumbing system. This can save you time and money in the long run while also resolving all of the problems that have been frustrating you in your home.

The camera that is used for a sewer camera inspection is waterproof, so it can travel through your system to see the issues within underground pipes or sewer lines. There are so many issues that can be hard to decipher without this type of camera, such as root intrusion, broken sewer line pipes, or a damaged part in your plumbing system. Instead of being left wondering what is wrong with your plumbing system, you can get to the bottom of the issue and get back to normality within your home.

When Should You Book a Sewer Camera Inspection?

You might be wondering if the current issues you are experiencing warrant a sewer camera inspection. Many homeowners opt to just ignore small plumbing issues, but in the long run, these can become a huge issue. The sooner you book a sewer camera inspection with a team of professionals, the more likely you’ll stop anything happening to your plumbing that may be irreplaceable. A plan can then be made to resolve the issue and get your home or office’s plumbing back to normal.

There are a few key indications that you may need a sewer camera inspection. When you notice any of these in your home or workplace, make sure you get in touch with a local team as soon as possible to book your inspection:

  • An unpleasant smell from your drains
  • Noisy drains when they are draining water
  • Slow draining of your drains
  • Ongoing toilet and drain clogs
  • Wet spots in your backyard
  • A strange sewage smell in your home or garden
  • A backing up of sewage in your sinks or drains

Is a Sewer Camera Inspection Expensive?

When speaking to homeowners about sewer camera inspections, we often find that they think this is something that’s reserved for commercial properties. However, you may be surprised to learn they cost much less than you probably expected. Of course, the amount of work that’s needed or the complexity of your systems will impact the cost, but you’ll generally find it’s much more affordable than you might think.

The Results of a Sewer Camera Inspection

The main reason to book a sewer camera inspection is to find problems that can’t otherwise be seen from the surface. You’ll find that common results of a sewer camera inspection include findings such as root blockages, pipe cracks, punctured pipes, corrosion, or grease build-up. There may also be hidden leaks or uneven pipes, which could result in you needing a sewer line replacement.

Following a sewer camera inspection, you will be given the results and advice about the next steps to resolve the issues that were found. In most cases, some form of repair or replacement will be needed, but it can save money by not breaking up the system in the first place. A replacement is often needed as a result of corrosion, grease build-up, wear and tear, broken parts, and intrusion from tree roots. You may also find that after yard work or construction projects, pipes are accidentally broken. The good news is that many of these issues can be found and resolved much quicker when you book a sewer camera inspection, as opposed to leaving it too late to fix.

The Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection offers many benefits to anyone experiencing any type of plumbing issue. The top reason for using this type of inspection is that it is non-invasive, allowing you to keep your current plumbing system in good condition until a potential repair is needed. You won’t have to dig up anything or damage your home in order to find out what’s wrong. Instead, you’ll be able to find the cause of any issues you are experiencing without wrecking your home in the process.

A sewer camera inspection is likely much more affordable than you might imagine. It’s something that’s available to any homeowner and isn’t just reserved for commercial purposes. It’s a simple way to resolve any issues you’ve been experiencing for a long time now, and you’ll get quick results from the team you work with. There will be no hanging around wondering what is wrong, and instead, a replacement or repair can be booked straight away.

With so many benefits of a sewer camera inspection, there’s no reason to not book one for yourself the next time you are experiencing plumbing issues. The sooner you get one booked in, the more likely you’ll be able to find out what is causing any unusual problems with your plumbing. A professional team of sewer camera inspectors will be happy to work with you to find out if there is a larger issue that’s causing your plumbing troubles and will help you to resolve this straight away so that you can get back to some form of normality in your home.